Yarn.Unity Namespace


Contains classes for working with Yarn Spinner in the Unity game engine.



Yarn parameter.

Inject state for any commands in this class using this static method.



Provides access to all Culture s supported by Yarn Spinner.

A component that listens for user input, and uses it to notify a dialogue view that the user wishes to advance to the next step in the dialogue.

A subclass of DialogueViewBase that displays character names.

Stores a reference to a dialogue node in a Yarn Project.

The DialogueRunner component acts as the interface between your game and Yarn Spinner.

A UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour that can present lines and options to the user, when it receives them from a DialogueRunner .

Contains coroutine methods that apply visual effects. This class is used by LineView to handle animating the presentation of lines.

A simple implementation of VariableStorageBehaviour.

A UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour that produces LocalizedLine s, for use in Dialogue Views.

A Dialogue View that presents lines of dialogue, using Unity UI elements.

Represents a line, ready to be presented to the user in the localisation they have specified.

Represents a collection of marker names and colours.

Detects if the render pipeline is different from the one the samples were created with, and warn you that things might look odd.

An System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary`2 that can be serialized as part of a Unity object.

A UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour that a DialogueRunner uses to store and retrieve variables.

A subclass of DialogueViewBase that plays voice-over UnityEngine.AudioClip s for lines of dialogue.

An attribute that marks a method on an object as a command.

Marks the method as a function to be registered with the running instance's library.

Specifies that a field represents a reference to a named Yarn node that exists in a Yarn project.







Holds information about a language.

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