Struct in Yarn.Unity

Inherits from System.ValueType


public struct StringTableEntry



Initializes a new instance of the StringTableEntry struct, copying values from an existing instance.



A comment used to describe this line to translators.

The name of the Yarn script in which this line was originally found.

The line ID for this line. This value will be the same across all localizations.

The language that the line is written in.

The line number in the file indicated by File at which the original version of this line can be found.

A string used as part of a mechanism for checking if translated versions of this string are out of date.

The name of the node in which this line was originally found.

The text of this line, in the language specified by Language .



Creates a CSV-formatted string containing data from entries .

Reads comma-separated value data from sourceText , and produces a collection of StringTableEntry structs.

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