Method in DialogueRunner


Splits input into a number of non-empty sub-strings, separated by whitespace, and grouping double-quoted strings into a single sub-string.

public static IEnumerable<string> SplitCommandText(string input)


This method behaves similarly to the System.String.Split(System.Char[],System.StringSplitOptions) method with the System.StringSplitOptions parameter set to System.StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries , with the following differences:

  • Text that appears inside a pair of double-quote characters will not be split.

  • Text that appears after a double-quote character and before the end of the input will not be split (that is, an unterminated double-quoted string will be treated as though it had been terminated at the end of the input.)

  • When inside a pair of double-quote characters, the string \\ will be converted to \, and the string \" will be converted to ".



string input

The string to split.


A collection of sub-strings.

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