Yarn.Compiler Namespace


Contains classes for compiling Yarn code.



A basic block is a run of instructions inside a Node. Basic blocks group instructions up into segments such that execution only ever begins at the start of a block (that is, a program never jumps into the middle of a block), and execution only ever leaves at the end of a block.

Compiles Yarn code.

Contains debug information for a node in a Yarn file.

Represents a variable declaration

Provides methods for constructing Declaration objects.

Represents a potential type error diagnostic message.

A diagnostic message that describes an error, warning or informational message that the user can take action on.

Provides methods for constructing FunctionType objects.

A Lexer subclass that detects newlines and generates indent and dedent tokens accordingly.

Contains extension methods for producing BasicBlock objects from a Node.

Represents a position in a multi-line string.

Yarn Projects represent instructions on where to find Yarn scripts and associated assets, and how they should be compiled.

Represents a range of text in a multi-line string.

Utility methods for working with line tags.



Contains classes for upgrading Yarn code to more recent versions of the language.



An object that contains Yarn source code to compile, and instructions on how to compile it.

The result of a compilation.

Contains the result of parsing a single file of source code.

Information about a string. Stored inside a string table, which is produced from the Compiler.

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