Class in Yarn.Unity

Inherits from DialogueViewBase


A subclass of DialogueViewBase that displays character names.

public class DialogueCharacterNameView : Yarn.Unity.DialogueViewBase


This class uses the character attribute on lines that it receives to determine its content. When the view's RunLine(LocalizedLine,Action) method is called with a line whose Text contains a character attribute, the onNameUpdate event is fired. If the line does not contain such an attribute, the onNameNotPresent event is fired instead.

This view does not present any options or handle commands. It's intended to be used alongside other subclasses of DialogueViewBase.



Invoked when the dialogue is started.

Invoked when a line is received that doesn't contain a character name.

Invoked when a line is received that contains a character name. The name is given as the parameter.


See Also

  • DialogueUI

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