The three-step beginner's guide to learning the basics of Yarn Spinner.

Getting Started

The best way to get started with Yarn Spinner, using the Core Components, is to work through our Beginner's Guide, which is a gentle introduction to:

  1. Syntax Basics — Using Try Yarn Spinner to learn the basic syntax for writing Yarn, the language for writing dialogue in Yarn scripts.

  2. Writing Narratives — Moving to Yarn Spinner for Visual Studio Code, and learning how to structure narratives and stories using features of the Yarn language.

  3. Using a Game Engine — Using Yarn Spinner for Unity, Yarn Spinner for Godot, or Yarn Spinner for Rust, and integrating a Yarn script with what’s happening in the game engine, as well as one simple way of nicely displaying your dialogue in-game.

Unreal support is currently in testing. Official release, along with tutorials, in late-2023. Join the official Yarn Spinner Discord for news and updates, or support us on Patreon. Yarn Spinner for Godot and Yarn Spinner for Rust are both experimental Yarn Labs projects.

This beginner's guide complements the rest of the documentation, and provides a starting point that covers all the basics necessary for making the most of the rest of the documentation. We strongly recommend you work your way through this guide.

Yarn Spinner® and Secret Lab® are trade marks of Secret Lab Pty. Ltd., and are used by Yarn Spinner Pty. Ltd. under license.