Class in Yarn.Compiler

Inherits from System.Object


Yarn Projects represent instructions on where to find Yarn scripts and associated assets, and how they should be compiled.

public class Project



Stores the locations of where localized assets and a localized string table for a Yarn Project may be found.



The current version of .yarnproject file format.



Gets a string containing JSON-formatted text that represents this Project .

Gets a value indicating whether path is a path that is included in this project.

Loads and parses a Project from a file on disk.

Saves a Project as JSON-formatted text to a file on disk.



Gets or sets the base language of the project, as an IETF BCP-47 language tag.

Gets or sets a dictionary containing instructions that control how the Yarn Spinner compiler should compile a project.

Gets or sets the path to a JSON file containing command and function definitions that this project references.

Gets the path to the Definitions file, relative to this project's location.

Gets or sets the collection of file search patterns that should be excluded from this project.

Gets or sets the file version of the project.

Gets or sets the collection of LocalizationInfo objects that store information about where localized data for this project is found.

Gets the path that the Project was loaded from.

Gets or sets the collection of file search patterns used to locate Yarn files that form this project.

Gets the collection of Yarn files that should be used to compile the project.

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