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A coroutine that gradually reveals the text in a TMPro.TextMeshProUGUI object over time.

public static IEnumerator Typewriter(TextMeshProUGUI text, float lettersPerSecond, Action onCharacterTyped, CoroutineInterruptToken stopToken = null)


This method works by adjusting the value of the text parameter's TextMeshProUGUI.maxVisibleCharacters property. This means that word wrapping will not change half-way through the presentation of a word.

Depending on the value of lettersPerSecond, onCharacterTyped may be called multiple times per frame.

Due to an internal implementation detail of TextMeshProUGUI, this method will always take at least one frame to execute, regardless of the length of the text parameter's text.



TMPro.TextMeshProUGUI text

A TextMeshProUGUI object to reveal the text of.

float lettersPerSecond

The number of letters that should be revealed per second.

System.Action onCharacterTyped

An System.Action that should be called for each character that was revealed.

A CoroutineInterruptToken that can be used to interrupt the coroutine.

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