Class in Yarn.Unity

Inherits from DialogueViewBase


A subclass of DialogueViewBase that plays voice-over UnityEngine.AudioClip s for lines of dialogue.

public class VoiceOverView : DialogueViewBase


This class plays audio clip assets that are provided by an AudioLineProvider . To use a VoiceOverView in your game, your DialogueRunner must be configured to use an AudioLineProvider , and your Yarn projects must be configured to use voice-over audio assets. For more information, see Localization and Assets.



The UnityEngine.AudioSource that this voice over view will play its audio from.

The fade out time when UserRequestedViewAdvancement() is called.

The amount of time after playback has completed before this view reports that it's finished delivering the line.

The amount of time to wait before starting playback of the line.



Called by the DialogueRunner to signal that the dialogue has ended, and no more lines will be delivered.

Ends any existing playback, and reports that the line has finished dismissing.

Interrupts the playback of the specified line, and quickly fades the playback to silent.

Begins playing the associated audio for the specified line.

Signals to this dialogue view that the user would like to skip playback.

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