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About Add-Ons

Learn about the available Yarn Spinner Add-Ons.
You can purchase these add-ons at the Yarn Spinner Itch Store. Purchasing Yarn Spinner, or a Yarn Spinner Add-on is a fantastic way to help support Yarn Spinner, and the team behind it.
Yarn Spinner is always free and open source. To help offset the costs of designing, building, and supporting Yarn Spinner, we provide a number of add-ons as paid extras to make implementing Yarn Spinner in your games easier for you.
At the moment, these include:
You can purchase both of these on the Yarn Spinner Itch.io Store:
Yarn Spinner
Purchase Yarn Spinner for Unity, plus our Add-ons, on Itch.io
This section of the Yarn Spinner documentation provides guides for the available add-ons.