Class in Yarn.Unity

Inherits from VariableStorageBehaviour


A simple implementation of VariableStorageBehaviour.

public class InMemoryVariableStorage : VariableStorageBehaviour, IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<string, object>>


This class stores variables in memory, and is erased when the game exits.

This class also has basic serialization and save/load example functions.

You can also enumerate over the variables by using a foreach loop:

// 'storage' is an InMemoryVariableStorage
foreach (var variable in storage) {
string name = variable.Key;
System.Object value = variable.Value;

Note that as of v2.0, this class no longer uses Yarn.Value, to enforce static typing of declared variables within the Yarn Program.





Removes all variables from storage.

returns a boolean value representing if the particular variable is inside the variable storage

Retrieves a Yarn.Value by name.

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