Yarn.Unity Namespace


Contains classes for working with Yarn Spinner in the Unity game engine.


Provides access to all Culture s supported by Yarn Spinner.
A component that listens for user input, and uses it to notify a dialogue view that the user wishes to advance to the next step in the dialogue.
A subclass of DialogueViewBase that displays character names.
The DialogueRunner component acts as the interface between your game and Yarn Spinner.
A MonoBehaviour that can present lines and options to the user, when it receives them from a DialogueRunner .
Contains coroutine methods that apply visual effects. This class is used by LineView to handle animating the presentation of lines.
A simple implementation of VariableStorageBehaviour.
A MonoBehaviour that produces LocalizedLine s, for use in Dialogue Views.
A Dialogue View that presents lines of dialogue, using Unity UI elements.
Represents a line, ready to be presented to the user in the localisation they have specified.


Holds information about a language.
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