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Gets the text of the documentation comments that either immediately precede context , or are on the same line as context .

public static string GetDocumentComments(CommonTokenStream tokens, ParserRuleContext context, bool allowCommentsAfter = true)


Documentation comments begin with a triple-slash ( /// ), and are used to describe variable declarations. If documentation comments precede a declaration (that is, they're not on the same line as the declaration), then they may span multiple lines, as long as each line begins with a triple-slash.



Antlr4.Runtime.CommonTokenStream tokens

The token stream to search.

Antlr4.Runtime.ParserRuleContext context

The parser rule context to get documentation comments for.

bool allowCommentsAfter

If true, this method will search for documentation comments that come after context 's last token and are on the same line.


The text of the documentation comments.

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