2.4 (Current)

Speech Bubbles

The guide and documentation for the paid Yarn Spinner for Unity add-on, Speech Bubbles for Yarn Spinner.
This Unity package provides two prefabs: Formal Bubble and Casual Bubble. The package requires Yarn Spinner for Unity.
This add-on is not part of the open source Yarn Spinner package, and can be purchased from the Yarn Spinner Itch.io Store:
Speech Bubbles for Yarn Spinner provides a Casual Bubble and a Formal Bubble prefab. Both are customisable, powerful, and extremely flexible:
  • customise fonts, colours, and styles of bubbles
  • optional character nameplate
  • flexible anchor point for bubble stem
  • lock bubbles to camera, or not, your choice
  • works for 2D or 3D games
This guide provides documentation on using both prefabs.
The oldest supported version of Unity for the Speech Bubbles is 2021.3.