Field in DialogueRunner


A StringUnityEvent that is called when a Command is received.
public StringUnityEvent onCommand;


Use this method to dispatch a command to other parts of your game. This method is only called if the Command has not been handled by a command handler that has been added to the DialogueRunner, or by a method on a MonoBehaviour in the scene with the attribute YarnCommandAttribute.
When a command is delivered in this way, the DialogueRunner will not pause execution. If you want a command to make the DialogueRunner pause execution, see AddCommandHandler(string, CommandHandler).
This method receives the full text of the command, as it appears between the << and >> markers.

See Also

  • AddCommandHandler(string, CommandHandler)
  • AddCommandHandler(string, CommandHandler)
  • YarnCommandAttribute: An attribute that marks a method on an object as a command.