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Called by the DialogueRunner to signal that a line should be displayed to the user.

public virtual void RunLine(LocalizedLine dialogueLine, Action onDialogueLineFinished)


When this method is called, the Dialogue View should present the line to the user. The content to present is contained within the dialogueLine parameter, which contains information about the line in the user's current locale.

The value of the dialogueLine parameter is produced by the Dialogue Runner's LineProviderBehaviour.

It's up to the Dialogue View to decide what "presenting" the line may mean; for example, showing on-screen text, or playing voice-over audio.

When the line has finished being presented, this method calls the onDialogueLineFinished method, which signals to the Dialogue Runner that this Dialogue View has finished presenting the line. When all Dialogue Views have finished presenting the line, the Dialogue Runner calls DismissLine(Action) to signal that the views should get rid of the line.

If you want to create a Dialogue View that waits for user input before continuing, either wait for that input before calling onDialogueLineFinished, or don't call it at all and instead call requestInterrupt to tell the Dialogue Runner to interrupt the line.

The onDialogueLineFinished method should only be called when RunLine(LocalizedLine,Action) finishes its presentation normally. If InterruptLine(LocalizedLine,Action) has been called, you must call the completion handler that it receives, and not the completion handler that RunLine(LocalizedLine,Action) has received.

The default implementation of this method immediately calls the onDialogueLineFinished method (that is, it reports that it has finished presenting the line the moment that it receives it), and otherwise does nothing.



The content of the line that should be presented to the user.

System.Action onDialogueLineFinished

The method that should be called after the line has finished being presented.

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