AddFunction(string,System.Func<T1, TResult>)

Method in IActionRegistration


Add a new function that returns a value, so that it can be called from Yarn scripts.

void AddFunction<T1, TResult>(string name, System.Func<T1, TResult> implementation);


When this function has been registered, it can be called from your Yarn scripts like so:

<<if myFunction(1, 2) == true>>
myFunction returned true!

The call command can also be used to invoke the function:

<<call myFunction(1, 2)>>



Func<T1, TResult> implementation

The System.Delegate that should be invoked when this function is called.

string name

Type Parameters



The type of the value that the function should return.


The type of the first parameter to the function.

See Also

  • Library: A collection of functions that can be called from Yarn programs.

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